Meet Our Team.

In November of 1986 we were a one-employee firm. I answered the phones, wrote investment policies, made investments, prepared reports and met with the firm’s ten intrepid clients. Those clients introduced me to their friends and whenever I had a little room in our budget, I went looking for more help, always focusing my search on some skill set we otherwise lacked. Today I have the privilege of working with more than 80 energetic people who represent a broad array of specialized expertise. The firm’s leadership, which I present below, has an average tenure of over 13 years at Veritable.

– Michael A. Stolper, Founder
The Right People

Without question, our most valuable asset is our people. We have consistently recruited talented professionals who also bring a specialized skill or life experiences to our business. Approximately half of our firm has earned advanced degrees and designations. We have been fortunate to have very little turnover of senior professionals during the past nearly three decades.