The Client Experience

As a Veritable client, your needs come first. We constantly strive to see the investment process through your eyes. As partners and colleagues, we set exacting standards for ourselves. Veritable’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking has served our clients for decades with thoughtful advice and practical wisdom.

It is this deep-seated commitment to you that is unparalleled in the industry.


Our relationship with you is comprehensive.

We are active participants in every dimension of your financial life, whether by providing advice on structuring a business transaction;  employing tax optimization strategies; acting as a sounding board for estate planning; or tailoring a plan to make effective gifts to charity. Whatever the issue, we respond creatively and resourcefully with analysis, thoughtful judgment, and follow-through.


At our core, we are investors. Our goal is to maximize your after-tax returns with an acceptable level of risk. After careful study of your unique situation, we produce a tailored investment plan that serves as a roadmap for our consulting relationship.

The process begins with a detailed interview. We synthesize this information with empirical analyses of your unique tax, estate planning, business, and personal circumstances to establish a balance of income and growth that will fit your needs both now and in the future. We use third-party funds, managers and solutions to fulfill the growth aspects of the investment plan.

Once you have had a chance to review and approve this investment plan, we carefully implement it. Our internal portfolio managers, analysts and traders are talented investors, constantly searching for the right structure, solution or third-party managers to blend together within your portfolio. We are dedicated to thoughtfully managing your costs related to transactions, taxes, and third party fees.

Finally, we make revisions to the investment plans as necessary. The most successful public market investors understand that investment policy and asset allocation must be dynamic. It is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Circumstances change and the most successful investment plans must be flexible.


In the United States, there are more than 5,000 public companies traded on the major exchanges and more than 14,000 mutual funds. Layer on hedge funds, private equity opportunities, private real estate deals and other specialty investments, and the list of investment options is truly enormous.

At Veritable, we are determined to be discriminating buyers and allocators of capital. We have always been solution agnostic and open, combining both active and passive investment strategies within client portfolios.

When allocating capital to domestic fixed income and certain index replication strategies, we maintain a trading desk that allows us to provide you with tailored, total-return strategies while avoiding the additional fees and costs of an external manager.

When and where active management is desirable, we engage in a rigorous process of research and due diligence in an effort to identify money managers around the world. Of the more than 10,000 money managers we’ve met and interviewed over the last 25 years, we have employed less than 100.


We believe that clear and open written and spoken communication is paramount to successfully collaborating with our clients.

Through frequent meetings and updates, we build a close working relationship that will establish expectations, reduce anxiety, and outline a clear path to addressing your financial goals. We believe that this ultimately results in better long-term investment performance. Important inflection points in our process include policy development; the transmission of new investment opportunities; providing market commentary; reflecting important changes or issues regarding tax or estate planning topics; and routine meetings to review results and discuss new ideas.


The modern investment landscape presents families with a complex collection of risks.

As fiduciaries, we help clients to navigate an ever-changing financial landscape. Decades of experience provides us with a unique perspective on how best to protect you.

With over $17 billion of capital under management and an established reputation among outside money managers as a thoughtful, long-term investor, we are able to negotiate better terms such as full transparency, separate accounts and reduced fees.


It is your right to know the truth about your investment performance – net of taxes and fees.

In good times and bad, a Veritable client has access to both pre-tax and after-tax returns vs. benchmarks for: 1) their overall portfolio 2) each asset class and 3) for individual investments and strategies.  Our reporting allows you to measure the value of our advice and investment acumen. Do your bank and brokerage statements provide the same?

Experience Veritable

Veritable is a national firm serving clients across the United States with offices in suburban Philadelphia. Contact us to discuss how Veritable might provide unique advice to help you.