We Changed Everything

Prior to 1986 we were compensated for our advice by doing transactions on behalf of clients. With the encouragement of a dozen clients we formed a new company and radically changed our business model and the fundamental relationship between ourselves and our clients. Our mission for the past 36 years has been to provide unbiased, comprehensive investment advice based on client advocacy, not salesmanship.

36 Years Of Experience
Since 1986


Over 200 Client Relationships

Over 17 billion in assets under management

Veritable client portfolios don’t necessarily look like everyone else’s.

Veritable has a long history of investing in select ideas and structures early in their lifecycles. Where solutions do not already exist, we have no qualms about creating them and we are not afraid to be different.

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Veritable develops reporting system to calculate after-tax returns for clients


Veritable launches an international long/short equity fund-of funds, its third multi-manager alternatives partnership


Veritable launches distressed investment partnership during the corporate credit market turmoil of 2001-2003


Veritable begins applying its extensive outside manager deal flow to search for direct, seed capital investment opportunities Learn More

We use our firm’s scale and experience to negotiate improved investment terms, increase transparency, and enhance safety.

In the run up to the most recent financial crisis, when most hedge fund assets were locked up behind limited partnership structures, Veritable used the unusual terms it had negotiated with outside managers to move more than $500 million of hedge fund capital from prime brokerage accounts to the safety of custody accounts in U.S. money center banks.

Past performance does not necessarily
predict future results.

We believe that great processes are more important to long term investment success than how well an investment or manager has performed (or who else is investing).  We believe that tremendous context and a deep understanding of how people make investment decisions is the keystone to successful investing.

We are concerned that many families do not know how their investments are truly performing.

We strive to provide clear reporting and communication as a part of the Veritable experience. We developed an after-tax reporting system over 20 years ago as a way to better inform us and our clients about portfolio performance and suitable tactics.


We are Not Afraid to Change Everything

At Veritable we are not interested in emulating other investment firms.  We want to use our experience and resources to lead the rest of the wealth management industry.

Veritable works with families across the United States from offices in suburban Philadelphia.

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